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Sivertgården is a small mountain farm witch lies 530 meters above sea level.
The farm is placed in the county of
Nordland, in the rural district of Hattfjelldal and this part of Norway is called Helgeland.

Sivertgården is a good and safe place for children, and you can even meet some farm animals here.


Sivertgården is places in the wilderness, surrounded by mountains and lakes, and this is a perfect place for hiking in the summer or cross country skiing in the winter.

This is the place to feel the silence and the greatness of the nature, to experience a glistering cold winter day or to see a crystal clear autumn morning.




Rent a cottage?

Gammelstua is a 157 years old wooden building.
The old cottage was used as a home for the first settlers on Sivertgården, but know this old historical building can be yours for some days.
has been totally renovated the last years, but the old style and look of the cottage has been maintained.

Ground floor:    


Living room



1st floor:    

2 rooms with 7 beds all together


The cottage also has electric lights and running hot and cold water.


If you want to experience a historical atmosphere - this is the place to be.




Activities Winter

You can fish on the frozen lakes for mountain trout or

use the many natural sledging hills.

The area is great for cross country skiing in the mountains or on the frozen lakes.

There is also a snowmobile/snow-scooter track next too the farm.

If you know how to kite – this is the right mountain farm to visit.

There are many places where you can make a campfire and barbeque your own food.


Activities Summer

The area is a great place to hunt for grouse or fish for mountain trout.

The farm is a good starting point for hiking in the mountains, or in the nature reserve partly belonging to the farm.

You can find blueberry, cloudberry and mushrooms near the farm and you are welcome to pick booth berries and mushrooms.

Famnvatten, the biggest lake near the farm, has some very nice beaches. The water is cold, but it is really refreshing to take a swim.

There are many places where you can make a campfire and barbeque your own food.



1 day   700   kroner
Weekend      1400   kroner
1 week   4500   kroner
Bed linen for rent/made up bed    50   kroner for each bed

Included in the rental price is a small boat for your disposal.


Hemavan has a airport with daily arival from Stockholm. Make a apointment with us and we will get you a lift.

You can reach us bye phone at +47 75 18 51 43 or bye e-mail


Wellcome too Sivertgården